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 AMS Software Photo Enhancer v1.25

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MesajKonu: AMS Software Photo Enhancer v1.25   Paz 26 Nis. 2009 - 8:57

AMS Software Photo Enhancer v1.25 | 7.6 MB

Do you want to maximize the potential of your photos without spending hours in front of a computer? AMS Photo Enhancer
provides a quick and easy way to improve the quality of your photos. It
reduces digital noise, corrects poor color, white balance and
sharpness, fixes the dark corners problem and remove red eye. Photo
Enhancer allows fixing all the problems frequently encountered in
photographing, and achieving natural color rendition, high detail and
optimum illuminance level. Working with the program is easy and

With one click you will achieve results so good
your picture may need no further enhancement. With a rich functionality
and range of features, Photo Enhancer lets you go beyond basic photo
editing and achieve professional results. With advanced photo-editing
tools at your fingertips like exposure correction, selective color
saturation and noise reduction theres no limit to what you can

Photo Enhancer improves sharpness of blurred
images. It happens that the camera fails to focus on the object of
shooting and it comes out unsharp. This mode can save such out-of-focus
images. You can refocus the whole image or bring only certain element
of the image into focus.

The program allows to resize images
with high quality, rotate and crop photos. You may also optimize JPEG
to save files for web sites. Photo Enhancer is a professional quality,
yet easy-to-use program for achieving your photos´ greatest potential.
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AMS Software Photo Enhancer v1.25
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